Turner Hopkins is a partnership between Sarah Turner and Simon Hopkins. Between us, we have worked at the intersection of digital technologies with the worlds of media, culture and entertainment for 4 decades. These are sectors we love personally and understand deeply.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from world-beating arts organisations and multinational companies to exciting tech start-ups. Our strategies address their specific needs around digital media and help them to thrive in the digital world.

The following core tenets guide everything we do:

Transparent We do all the work ourselves. We believe this is what our clients are paying for and rightly expect. We don’t spread ourselves too thin or use junior team members. We bring in other team members only when we need specialist help and then draw on our extensive network of contacts.

Collaborative We work in partnership with our clients ensuring that they always own the strategy we produce.

Quality obsessed We do what’s right for our clients as defined by them, checking constantly against their requirements and communicating throughout.

Experienced We have, to be blunt, been around. We’ve held senior management positions in both large and small organisations and have worked at the highest levels inside our client organisations as independent consultants.

Authentic We are self-confessed geeks – technology geeks and culture geeks. As audience members and practitioners we attend, take part in, think about and write about cultural activity constantly, and are obsessed with the points where technology touches culture and society.

Realistic We know from many years’ experience that the purest strategy in the world can be a hostage to fortune; our strategic thinking is always underpinned with consideration for logistics, budget, resources… and, most importantly, the people who have to put a strategy in place.

International We’ve lived and worked extensively overseas. We think in international terms and believe that when our clients think internationally they expand both their thinking and, of course, their audience base or market.