We’re currently in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the first stop on a virtual world tour of overseas engagements this autumn (ok, ok, you know what I mean).

Sarah is attending E-Unlimited’s AAL Venture Days conference at Evoluon Eindhoven, in which start ups will be presenting their work at the meeting point of medicine, care and digital media. Sarah will be paying particularly close attention to her client Sara McGinley of Tyze Personal Networks, whom I was lucky enough to see presenting at the launch of Sarah’s Angel Academe network a couple of weeks back.

And me? Well, recalling that the great Douglas Adams, despite the ease with which he reads, actually hated writing and would hole himself up in a hotel room before a deadline to avoid distractions, I’m staying behind in the rather anonymous Pullman hotel and valiantly struggling with WordPress in order to get this website launched – at least in beta. I only hope I can justice to the graphics and guidelines Mr Paul Finn has supplied us.

This excellent Police live compilation is helping to alleviate the brain-ache.