Here’s a quick cross-posting from the Creative Industries KTN convergence blog.

So… next week I’ll be in Liverpool and Belfast, and the week after in London, helping to promote the upsoming third “challenge” in this year’s TSB convergence R&D funding round, which is largely based around metrics and audience/content usage mechanics – how technology can improve them and what business benefits an be derived consequently. Alongside the TSB briefings, we’ll be holding a panel discussion, helping to frame the area. I’ll ge getting the conversation going with the following questions, and if anyone out there has something they’d like me to add in to the mix, get in touch!

  • The digital age promised greater granularity of consumption data for content makers and owners – has this come to pass and has it been an entirely good thing?
  • How do metrics differ when measuring “linear” content with interactive content?
  • Who benefits most from better and more detailed use tracking: creators? publishers? the networks? aggregators?
  • Is there a danger of simply adding to the “noise”?
  • And if so how can we alleviate this?
  • Who’s doing interesting stuff in this areas – and why? how?
  • What are the key big areas which need to be addressed by technology when it comes to tracking content consumption and use?
  • What new business models are emerging as a result of better metrics? And what old models are starting to look shaky?

If you want to come along to any of the events, but haven’t yet signed up, then do so here. I hope to see some of you over the next couple of weeks.