I’ve mentioned our little mini-tour with the Creative Industries KTN, promoting the upcoming Technology Strategy Board’s feasibility study funding round. Well, we were in Liverpool yesterday at the fabulous Liver building, in which, despite growing up just up the road, I’d never stepped foot.

I was hosting the morning; Jeremy Silver represented the TSB and gave a thorough and insightful overview of the whole call – its rationale and background, the kind of areas it covered and the technical ins and outs of the application process. Clemens Wangerin from Setgo games followed this up by giving some tips on the process from the point of view of a previously successful applicant.

We finished off the morning with a panel discussion; Jeremy and myself were joined by Jon Wetherall of Onteca and Matt Freckleton of Yatterbox; the focus of the funding round is metrics and analytics in converged media and the conversation was suitably wide-ranging, from the politics and ethics of personal data gathering to the kind of business models which can be built on smart and robust data about media consumption. I’ll be writing it all up in more detail over the next few days.

I’m writing this in Belfast, about to head off and repeat the session at the University of Ulster. I’ll report back as soon as I’ve a moment.