Olivia Stiles of Kingsley Napley on Angel Academe:

I hadn’t had any real experience of working with entrepreneurs until I joined the Corporate and Commercial team [at Kingsley Napley] in September last year. I have to say that without exception, the entrepreneurs I have come across have been bright, astute, driven and incredibly focused people. Certainly no time for hanging out in Starbucks or pressing snooze; they have all been “do-ers”. I got a further insight into the world of entrepreneurs and angel investing when I attended my first Angel Academe event in October last year.

Angel Academe is a female friendly (but not female-only) angel investor group which provides, mentoring, non-exec advice and investment to technology focused startup businesses and entrepreneurs. Kingsley Napley are a sponsor of the Angel Academe and provide legal support to the investor group, drafting the heads of terms, investment agreements and ancillary documents when an investment is made and follow the process through to completion of the deal and the transfer of investment funds to the company.

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