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S Times 8 June14

In an article called “The web can make women into angels”, Sunday Times Small Business Editor Kiki Loizou talks about how women angel investors can be a real advantage for women entrepreneurs.

Luke Lang from Crowdcube (a crowdfunding site) suggests that women might find face-to-face angel groups “intimidating” and that such groups are “totally outdated in the 21st century”. Hmmmm. Setting aside his rather patronising view of women, obviously I don’t agree about groups being outdated or I wouldn’t have set one up.

At Angel Academe we support businesses that are looking to attract “smart” investment, ie money from a small group of individuals who can add value to their business. Our angels have an amazing variety and depth of expertise and contacts and we use these to identify opportunities to invest in and then support them post-investment, often taking an NED or observer position and always staying involved with the business. We also invest in…

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