Last week Sarah and I had the pleasure of conducting an all day session for TRC Media, a charitable agency based in Glasgow that runs a host of training programmes and events largely aimed at the media and the content industries. Specifically, we were asked to facilitate the final day of an eight-month programme called Special Edition, on which nine women – all mid-career media and digital media professionals – had undergone an impressive range of training and awareness-raising culminating in an inspiring trip to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

We were principally there to help the group reflect on the previous eight months (which had clearly had a profound effect on all of them) and ask them what they intended to do with the lessons they’d learned. Along the way, however, we shared some of our own insights about work and life in general, really all with the same end in mind: positing ways to be more effective.

We promised the group we’d share a reading and resources list, so here it is… Comments welcome as ever.


Personal and professional effectiveness:
Tim Ferriss – The Four Hour Work Week
Ari Meisel – Less Doing, More Living
Stewart Friedman – Total Leadership
Luke Johnson – Start It Up
Eric Ries – The Lean Start Up
Timothy Gallwey – The Inner Game of Tennis
Nassim Taleb – Anti-Fragile – How to Live in a World We Don’t Understand
Tom Chatfield – How to Thrive in the Digital Age

Health and stress management:
Tim Ferriss – The Four Hour Body
Mark Sisson – The Primal Blueprint
Dr Sarah Gottfried – The Hormone Cure
Jon Kabat-Zinn – Wherever You Go, That’s Where You Are, Mindfulness Meditation for Everyday Life
Jon Jabat- Zinn – Coming to Our Senses
Stephen Batchelor – Buddhism Without Beliefs
John Sarno – The Mindbody Prescription
Michael Mosley – Fast Exercise
Lierre Keith – The Vegetarian Myth

Blogs & podcasts
The Tim Ferriss Show
Mark’s Daily Apple
Buddhist Geeks
Nerd Fitness
Fat Burning Man
The Bulletproof Executive
The Health Bridge
Quantified Self

Apps, services, gadgets
Google apps for business
Task Firm
Task Rabbit
Inside Tracker