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We’re delighted to present this guest post from one of our Entrepreneur Academe mentees, Fiona Swan of Sian’s Plan. Fiona writes in great depth about how Sian’s Plan recently successfully raised £100,000 in a crowdfunding campaign.


We (Sian’s Plan) recently raised a little over £100,000 by crowdfunding on the European equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs. It was an incredible experience for our small team; in the end it was hugely rewarding, but at the time very stressful.

We’ve made mistakes, we’ve learned, we’ve read all the standard ‘how to run a crowdfunding campaign’ articles. They didn’t help. Post success we’ve had many emails and calls from others looking for advice and we’re sure that many will find themselves in a similar position so here’s our go to guide!

Note: our experience is in equity based crowdfunding, I’m confident that reward based crowdfunding (eg Kickstarter) is a different…

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