Angel Academe

byflock_EA_imageWe’re delighted to present another guest post from one of our Entrepreneur Academe mentees, Anna Dahlström of byflock.

When I started Entrepreneur Academe I hadn’t done a single official presentation of byflock, or our products. If you look at my application form I had very few answers to the questions that were asked. Nearly all of it were areas where we needed help. That’s why I applied.

My name is Anna. I’m a UX designer by trade and the founder of the product studio byflock. At the start of this year it was only me. As of today we’re a team of six working across our first two products, Tilr and Glimt.

It’s early days. Glimta gift finding platform based on person and occasion – has only just gone live as a basic proof of concept. Our second product Tilran app to help you get…

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