I’m a huge admirer of neuroscientist, philosopher, contemplative and all-round badass Sam Harris. His thinking on subjects as wide ranging as religious dogma, free will, spirituality without belief, not to mention drugs and Brazilian jujitsu, is always cogent, and often controversial. He is what I would call a brave thinker, though to be clear not everyone agrees. Anyway, the second piece on this portmanteau podcast airs his concerns over free content. Harris is clearly conflicted on this: he admits that he baulks at the New York Times paywall, but at the same time worries that free culture is driving a “race to the bottom” and charges for some of his online content. Anyone who read my piece on Steve Albini and Jaron Lanier’s views of the contemporary music scene will know that I share his conflict on this (he references Lanier here and elsewhere on his blog). If you don’t want to listen to what Harris has to say about Charlie Hebdo then skip through the first half hour or so.