Angel Academe

On May 20th we held the launch event for this year’s programme at the City of London’s fantastic City Centre at Guildhall. Sarah put the afternoon in context with a brief introduction, and we were lucky enough to have an official welcome by Damian Nussbaum, the City’s newly-appointed Director of Economic Development.

Our entrepreneurs then introduced their companies to many of this year’s mentors, and discussed their expectations of the initiative. Here’s a reminder of who they are: Antidote Street, Aparito, Beautimeter, Birdsong, Club Soda, Comma, Digital Mums, Fluency, GP at Home, Happ consulting, Interests, Movement for Modern Life, PhotoPitch, Provenance, Raremark, Trubikini, Vitalfootprint, Winerist.







Later this month we’ll have the first of our mentoring session, this time looking at the all-important issue of fundraising. We’ll report back!

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