Angel Academe

On Tuesday we held our second mentoring session with the 2015 Entrepreneur Academe cohort. These monthly sessions are opportunities for our mentors and entrepreneurs to meet each other in person and, we hope, start conversations and relationships that will extend beyond the session. The best mentoring relationships happen organically when there’s a good skills and chemistry match!

Each our of sessions focusses on a specific theme: this one was called “SELL” and looked at sales, PR, marketing and social media.

P10805152 The panel, l-r: Nick Reynolds, Emma Parrott, Anjali Ramachandran, Roberta Lucca, Louise Beaumont

We kicked off with a Q&A with our expert panel that was able to talk to the entire “SELL” spectrum: Louise Beaumont (Head of Public Affairs & Marketing, GLI Finance), Roberta Lucca (Co-Founder & Marketer-in-Chief Bossa Studios & WoderLuk), Anjali Ramachandran (Head of Innovation, PHD UK), Emma Parrott (Associate, Fieldhouse PR) and Nick Reynolds (Product Innovation & Development Manager, BBC Monitoring). They…

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