Angel Academe

Our October Entrepreneur Academe session was all about pitching. Each one of our entrepreneurs practiced the pitch that they’ll be presenting at our final event next month. We were, to be blunt, blown away by how far everyone’s come since they first presented to us in April.

During the session, a carefully selected group of mentors with investment, pitching and public speaking experience gave individual feedback to our entrepreneurs. But some broad themes and observations emerged that we thought we’d share more widely. So, with the clock ticking, take a deep breath and…

1. Now is not the time to apologise or to be self-deprecating. Seriously, this is an almost ubiquitous tendency among female presenters and is really not helpful. Self-deprecation might be charming in an Oscars acceptance speech (and even then it’s borderline), but it has no place in a pitch. Now’s the time to be big, bold and assertive.

2.Practice, practice, practice. Out loud and…

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