Angel Academe

Here’s another guest post from one of this year’s Entrepreneur Academe participants: Yinka Makinde, founder of Vital Footprint.

Yinka MakindeVitalfootprintRevolutionising the way restaurants increase footfall through interactive food information, one dish at a time!

I had the privilege to be accepted on to the EA programme in April. Meeting 18 lovely female led start-ups has been refreshing and inspiring. What EA has provided is a formidable network of [mainly] female entrepreneurs and mentors to provide moral support, expertise and constructive critique.

What you get out of EA is directly related to what you put into it, and how you interact with the network. The mentors are approachable and eager to assist where they can, as are my fellow entrepreneurs. In particular, I’ve benefited from a handful of individuals who have made highly valuable introductions for me to both angel investors and potential new clients and whom have been generous…

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