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Women backing Women: Let’s talk about Female Funders

Earlier this month we celebrated the amazing progress of the entrepreneurs we’ve been mentoring since April at our Entrepreneur Academe “pitch fest”. This article is based on my talk to kick off the afternoon. I used 3 bold statements to set the context of what we’re doing at Angel Academe and Entrepreneur Academe.


Bold statement #1: The problem with female entrepreneurship is NOT female entrepreneurs

We’re overwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of female entrepreneurs we encounter. As anyone who knows me will be tired of hearing me say, “Good dealflow is NOT the problem”.

This isn’t just our experience. According to the Startup DNA report written by astar-fanshawe for Wayra, gender-wise startups in the UK are way more diverse than in any of the world’s other leading startup locations: 30% of our startup founders and executives are now women.

Yet there…

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