Angel Academe

imgresAngel Academe is really excited to be working with Fabric founder, CEO and cyber-security expert Kerri-Lynn Hauck to help her grow her business and take advantage of the huge market opportunity ahead.

Fabric’s mission is to make secure communication easy and reliable for all of us. While organisations spend millions of pounds securing their corporate IT networks, their employees risk losing the valuable corporate data those networks carry through their mobile phones. Fabric’s leading edge encryption protocols deliver a communication platform with an exceptional combination of security, call quality and ease of use.

The Angel Academe syndicate was led by Olga Shafranik and John McNicholas. John says, “Given the recent security breaches at TalkTalk, Sony and JD Weatherspoon (to name but a few), addressing cyber risks is now essential for every business as well as consumers. Although it’s a competitive market, Fabric have an energetic and experienced team with a quality…

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