Angel Academe

Julie presentingRaremark’s vision is to transform one million lives affected by rare disease. Julie Walters, Co-Founder and CEO, is a graduate of last year’s Entrepreneur Academe and we’re especially proud of our involvement with her and Raremark’s achievements.

Practical help from many of our Entrepreneur Academe mentors, particularly developers from Thomson Reuters, has helped them launch a pilot of their service with 2 rare conditions. While Angel Academe, with support from legal partners Kingsley Napley, has helped them put together a smart syndicate of investors including a leading Entrepreneurship Fund as well as several angels to raise £515k. An opportunity to top up this round is now live on crowd-funding platform Syndicate Room until 13 March.

This business resonated with us immediately because we all know someone who suffers from a rare disease, be it cystic fibrosis or acute myeloid leukaemia. Lack of reliable information about treatment and trials for those…

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