Angel Academe


On July 21st we held the second of the expert sessions on this year’s Entrepreneur Academe, this time looking at everything related to SELL: sales, PR, growth hacking and social media. As ever, the afternoon began with a panel Q&A, this month featuring Anjali Ramachandran, Meganne Houghton-Berry, Candace Kuss, Lauren Hine and Garry Felgate.

We kicked off with a brief discussion about growth hacking, which one panellist described as “hitting scale with our spending much” or, more succinctly, “what we used to call marketing”. Some tips that emerged:

  • Try different landing pages and compare responses.
  • Elsewhere on you website, iterate/analyse constantly.
  • Follow your competitors on twitter – what are they up to?
  • Try dropping all formatting on your email newsletter – this my convince users that they’re getting a personal email – although expect a lot of email back!


We then delved into a lengthy discussion…

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