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From the Angel Academe blog:

Angel Academe advisor and highly experienced angel investor Meganne Houghton-Berry gave the keynote at our Entrepreneur Academe 2016 graduation ceremony last week. Here’s the outline of her talk.

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IMG_0014Sarah was delighted to win her second award of the year, this time at the Tech Cities Awards. Angel Academe won the TechNation200 Tech Funder Award beating stiff competition from Hermann Hauser of Amadeus Capital and Alasdair Greig of Northstar Ventures. We had a great afternoon at the ceremony which was organised by Tech City Insider and held at the Trampery in  Shoreditch. It was great to see so many excellent businesses from every corner of the UK and catch up with some old friends.

Here’s a x-post from my own personal blog DGMFS. Quite a lot of stuff in here about the SF tech scene so well worth a listen.

From YouTube: “This episode of The Random Show is a mind snack… fueled by wine. There are dozens of topics covered in this bromantic session of scatterbrained nonsense.”


I said I’d be putting some stuff in here that was strictly speaking outside our normal ambit, but Ferriss has had a huge influence on me and this is a hoot. Among the entertaining stuff there’s some genuinely thought-provoking discussion on the San Francisco tech scene and a possible tech bubble around 29.30. For what it’s worth, I’ve had a similar premonition for some time, and this excellent New Statesman piece on Amazon’s potential decline has only served to amplify that. (Thanks to The Planner author Tom Campbell for the link on that one.)


Thank you all for coming along on Tuesday night and making the event such a success.

Particular thanks to our speakers: Bob Schukai from Thomson Reuters, Hannah O’Shaunessey and Kerri Mckechnie from Angel Academe, Sarah Tierney from We Are Colony and Louise Wilson from Abundance. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from all of them in future.

Kerri talked about Entrepreneur Academe, the 12-month mentoring programme for ambitious women entrepreneurs that we’re running in partnership with the City of London. The programme kicked off last month and you can read about it and our winning entrepreneurs here.

We have an amazing ling-up of mentors and experts but are always looking to add more. If you’d like to get involved, please tell us a little about yourself here.

Finally, if you’d like to find out more about angel investing opportunities, please drop us a line and if you’d like to be considered for a pitching slot at one of our events, please send an investor summary or pitch deck for us to review.


Zoe Cunningham writes in Computer Weekly:

So my dream of becoming the next Deborah Meaden remained just that – a dream – until a chance meeting with Sarah Turner. Sarah set up Angel Academe in 2012 to be an angel investing group, with a difference. It’s not easy to tie down the statistics on angel investing as a lot of it happens informally but the best statistics that we have (from the UK Business Angels Association) show that just 5% of angel investors are female.


Zoe Cunningham writes over on the Angel Academe blog:

I’ve written before on the lack of women in technology roles. There are many many articles that talk about the small number of women in top positions in large corporates. The modestly targeted 30% club is still a long way from its goal to get just 30% of board positions filled with females.

Yet compared with the number of women acting as angel investors, these areas are awash with women. It’s not easy to tie down the statistics on angel investing as a lot of it happens informally – a chap knows a chap and lends him a couple of hundred thousand. However what statistics exist show a dearth of women. The UK Business Angels Association do an annual survey of their members and have found that a mere 5% of angel investors are female.

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From Tech City News:

Music engagement tool Buddybounce has raised its first seed round.

It makes the startup the very first investment of pro-female angel network Angel Acadame.

The amount of money raised is not being disclosed.


Olivia Stiles of Kingsley Napley on Angel Academe:

I hadn’t had any real experience of working with entrepreneurs until I joined the Corporate and Commercial team [at Kingsley Napley] in September last year. I have to say that without exception, the entrepreneurs I have come across have been bright, astute, driven and incredibly focused people. Certainly no time for hanging out in Starbucks or pressing snooze; they have all been “do-ers”. I got a further insight into the world of entrepreneurs and angel investing when I attended my first Angel Academe event in October last year.

Angel Academe is a female friendly (but not female-only) angel investor group which provides, mentoring, non-exec advice and investment to technology focused startup businesses and entrepreneurs. Kingsley Napley are a sponsor of the Angel Academe and provide legal support to the investor group, drafting the heads of terms, investment agreements and ancillary documents when an investment is made and follow the process through to completion of the deal and the transfer of investment funds to the company.

More on the Kingsley Napley blog.

From TechCrunch: “With social media here to stay, it’s become a powerful tool for marketing amongst musicians, especially when they have fans who do so much of the heavy lifting by promoting the artist. Some of those fans are genuinely ‘super fans’ who act as, basically, unpaid promoters. And they can be powerful. For instance, Justin Bieber fan account @JustinCrew has over one million followers on Twitter. But identifying them, and then rewarding them for their dedication is a problem that needs solving.”


Reposted from Angel Academe – where we’ve had a veritable slew of announcements this week!

Buddybounce raises seed investment in round led by Angel Academe

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 20.55.21

We are in the age of the super-fan, where the most passionate followers of an artist, such as the Justin Bieber fan account @JustinCrew, can themselves have over one million followers on Twitter. In recognition of this trend, Angel Academe, a new, pro-women angel investment network, has just given its first seed capital to Buddybounce: an online tool that gives artists and their management teams the knowledge and insight to identify their super-fans, understand who they are as individuals and engage with them in new ways.

Buddybounce was launched in April 2013 by Emma Obanye and Giulia Piu and has attracted over 25,000 registered users to its beta site as well as the attention of artists, labels and brands including Transmitter, Union J and Conor Maynard. In that time they have given away over 150 prizes including Meet & Greets, Skype calls, signed merchandise and gig tickets.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 20.57.10

Giulia (left) and Emma (right)

As Emma explains, “the rise of social media has allowed fans to get closer to artists in a way that never existed before. When artists start having fans across various social media platforms, managing their relationship with them becomes tricky. We are here to help to provide them with a solution.”

This is the first investment by Angel Academe, a network whose mission is to encourage senior professional women to become angel investors, especially in women founded tech businesses. Sarah Turner, the founder of Angel Academe, explains that “we loved Emma and Giulia’s passion, we were very impressed by the momentum they’d achieved so far with extremely limited resources and immediately, crucially for us, saw where we could add value to their business.”

Lead investor Hannah O’Shaunessy will be joining the Buddybounce board and taking a hands-on role in the business. She brings extensive finance and operations experience. Other investors in the round include long-term advisors Alicia Navarro, CEO at Skimlinks and Geoff Heath OBE, former Climax chairman, Founder of Activision Europe and NCsoft Europe. Legal support has been provided by leading law firm Kingsley Napley who are Angel Academe sponsors.

For more information on Buddybounce contact:

  • Emma Obanye:
  • Giulia Piu:

For Kingsley Napley, contact:

  • Louise Willows:

Notes to editors

Buddybounce is a modern day fan club for fans of musicians. On one side it gamifies the fan experience allowing fans to earn status, recognition and be rewarded for supporting their favourite artist (both online and offline). On the other side, through the Dashboard, Buddybounce allows musicians and their teams to know who their superfans are, manage their communications with them all in one place and reward the core fans, to enhance engagement, advocacy, retention and drive sales.

Angel Academe is a female-friendly (but not women only) community and angel network for senior professionals with extensive business experience who want to support female tech entrepreneurs. We believe that to help more women go big with their ventures, we need to increase the number of women mentors and investors.

Kingsley Napley is an internationally recognised law firm based in central London. Our wide range of expertise provides support for clients in all areas of their business and private life. Jane Keir (senior partner) and Linda Woolley (managing partner) are the only women in the most senior posts of a top 100 UK law firm and with 40% of our partnership also being women, Kingsley Napley is proud to support the objectives of Angel Academe through mentoring and sponsorship.